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Why should I have car finance?

At Victoria Motors Ltd we aim to make every step of the car buying experience a clear and convenient one and our finance packages are no different. We offer a mix of packages and its possible for us to also cater for those with a below average credit rating. Often people buy cars outright with savings that don't always reach the price of their ideal car. This means they have to buy an older, higher mileage or inferior car. This is where financing a car can be utilised by setting up a package that gives you surprisingly low monthly payments and therefore allowing you to spend that bit extra to get the car you desire. That way you won't find yourself buying a cheap car that needs replacing every year. Finance can also be for the people who have the funds to buy their ideal car outright, instead of using your savings you can keep them and pay a much smaller monthly sum! Using the calculator on our website is a great way of working out whether car finance is a suitable option for you and to find out what kind of car you could then afford to buy. A lot of packages don't require a deposit and at the same time if you want to put down a small, medium or large deposit you can. The balance can be settled at any time in part or in full so you are not tied into a long term agreement if half way through your situation changes and you have more money available to you.

Our sales team are always happy to answer questions, go through figures and help you in your exciting journey of buying your next car so never hesitate to call us on 01747 838103.

There isn't just one type of car finance!

Below there are some helpful videos which will help to explain car finance in general and the two types of car finance that we offer which are HP and PCP. If after watching these videos you are still unsure then just give us a call and one of the team will explain further.

Frequently Asked Questions

I Don't have a very good credit rating?

Everybody has different circumstances we can cater for most and have a long list of lenders who can offer help for customers with poor credit ratings.

I'm self employed, does this affect my application?

Car finance is mainly calculated through credit rating. Very rarely does being self employed stop an application being approved.

I have been refused finance before in the past?

Don't worry, Victoria Motors Ltd has a long list of finance lenders that can help even if you have previously been refused finance.

Does Victoria Motors Ltd guarantee finance?

No-one can guarantee finance as it is all subject to status and criteria but we do our best to get you the car finance deal you want and can afford at the best possible rates.

I only have a small deposit, what deposit do I need to have?

You are in the driving seat, you can choose your deposit that you put down when having finance which is any thing from zero percent deposit onwards.

Can I pay the finance off early?

Yes, you can pay the balance of your finance off in full or even in part whenever you want to.

My current car is on finance, what are the options?

It's very common to want to change your car before your current finance agreement ends. It's very straight forward, come in with your up to date settlement figure and our team can work out all the rest for you. We work out what you owe to the value of the car and work that into the next cars finance figures getting you the best deal we can whilst paying off the existing agreement.