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At Victoria Motors Ltd we aim to make every step of the car buying experience a clear and convenient one and our finance packages are no different. We offer a mix of packages and its possible for us to also cater for those with a below average credit rating. Often people buy cars outright with savings that don't always reach the price of their ideal car. This means they have to buy an older, higher mileage or inferior car. This is where financing a car can be utilised by setting up a package that gives you surprisingly low monthly payments and therefore allowing you to spend that bit extra to get the car you desire. That way you won't find yourself buying a cheap car that needs replacing every year. Finance can also be for the people who have the funds to buy their ideal car outright, instead of using your savings you can keep them and pay a much smaller monthly sum! Using the calculator on our website is a great way of working out whether car finance is a suitable option for you and to find out what kind of car you could then afford to buy. Scroll down this page for an explanation on how to use the calculator. A lot of packages don't require a deposit and at the same time if you want to put down a small, medium or large deposit you can. The balance can be settled at any time in part or in full so you are not tied into a long term agreement if half way through your situation changes and you have more money available to you. As well as an explanation of our online finance calculator you will also find below an explanation of two of the most opted for packages available which will give you a bit more insight into how the work. So finance need not be daunting or complicated, it's actually a great way to fund a car and can have some really positive advantages to your lifestyle and finances. Our sales team are always happy to answer questions, go through figures and help you in your exciting journey of buying your next car so never hesitate to call us on 01747 838103.

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Thousands of customers choose MotoNovo Finance every week to buy their next car, van or motorbike. We offer a range of relevant products and services quickly, efficiently and competitively and have been doing so for over 40 years.

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We aim to be as helpful as possible when it comes to finance. Please watch our finance videos for more information regarding our services and products.